Meet The Team

Gina Walton Licensed Realtor KS/MO Real Estate Consultant

Laura Lanier Licensed Realtor KS/MO Client Care & Marketing Director

Personal and professional drive Gina’s real estate business and have for the past 14 years.  Because of her dedication to serve her clients at the highest level, she voraciously reads, takes classes, and travels to professional development seminars, causing her to be an award-winning Realtor.  At a very young age as a missionary’s kids in Haiti, Gina fell in love with serving.  Since that time she has found great purpose in both serving and teaching.  This is also what led her to a career in real estate.  One’s home is not only a place where many of life’s most precious memories are spawned but it is also one of the single-most important investments a person will ever make.  Strongly committed to her own family, Gina saw the opportunity in real estate to build meaningful relationships while serving and caring for the personal and financial interests of her clients.

“I seek excellence in my personal and professional life because that is what the people in my life deserve.”

Laura’s professional background is in human resources.  Her energies were primarily focused in HR Systems, working with multiple teams to accomplish identified goals.  Her time in HR, coupled with her relentless desire to help people, brings a unique and highly valuable personal asset to our team.  Twelve years ago, Laura transitioned into the real estate world as Gina’s stager.  Her attention to detail and her creative eye were hugely instrumental i helping Gina’s listings sell.  Today she takes charge of all marketing too.  Laura is a big sports fan, but she is an even bigger fan of her husband, Larry and their three children.  Laura is an Upstate New York Native, but Kansas City is definitely home (they have been here for over 20 years).

“I’ve discovered that listening is an invaluable skill and that sometimes just being heard is all that someone needs.”