Impromptu Breakfast At Blue Bird Bistro

Impromptu, toss on a baseball cap Saturday morning breakfast at the Bird Bird Bistro in Westside, KC. This bistro features a local all natural menu with morning cocktails and character within the walls of this 1880’s building. It’s a place you feel belonging stepping in the door. Where time stops for a bit to engage in conversation or quietness to take in the energy of Westside. A place flavors come together to create a savory dining experience. 

I enjoyed the salmon benedict with hollandaise sauce, a side of potatoes and an Irish coffee. Delicious! This is a special they have this week in case you’d like to enjoy as well.

Taking a walk along the streets to take in local shops and the architecture design of homes built in the 1800’s, long with new contemporary custom homes being built, is a relaxing extension of breakfast. The downtown view and closeness to local events makes this location a Kansas City tucked away secret which is growing in desire to make this community home.